Elaphite Island with Ston boat excursion

If you plan to experience one of the most captivating yet lesserknown places of the Dubrovnik region, make sure you visit Elaphite Island along with Ston. They are acknowledged for traffic-free islands and mouth-watering culinary. Also, there are various hidden spots in Šipanska Luka to explore along with beautiful sandy beaches. Apart from Ston and Šipanska Luka, you can also visitJakljan andOlipa Islands in North Elaphite Islands.

This place is enthrallingwith one of the world’s most beautiful old towns, where the shoreline of Elaphite is rich in history and is home of natural beauty. From cliffs, pine,caves and palm trees to secret coves, reefs and sandy beaches, North Elaphite Island have so much to explore.

Ston tourist attractions

Once being the significant defense center for the greatRagusa Republic, currentlySton and Mali Ston areinfluentialculinary destination in Croatia,highlighting some of the finest oysters and mussels on the Adriatic. Ston walls has one of the extensive fortifications in Europe built in 1358 and has Saltworks in the town center, where salt has been customarilyreaped for centuries. Also, they have oysters and mussels in Mali Ston Bay along withPeljesac wine growing area.


It is a deserted islet in Croatia and part of Elaphiti Island archipelagois located off the coast of southern Dalmatia.


Olipa is another uninhabited isle in Croatia andis part of the Elaphiti Islands archipelago that issituated off the coast of southern Dalmatia. Being one of the rocky area, Olipa is partially covered with forest. A stone square tower is also positioned on the south side of the island, which acts as a lighthouse and is used for maritime routes.

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