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Boat Trips in Elaphite islands and Mljet National park

Excursions, tours and daytrips from Dubrovnik are very popular part of our offer. There are many places that deserve to be visited in the near region. Each of those places has its own story, uniqueness and tradition. Make sure to book your excursion with our agency and prepare to have the time of your life!

Our standard offer of excursions and day trips includes:

  • 3 days Island hopping from Dubrovnik – Island Mljet – Elaphite Islands
  • Elaphite Island with Ston boat excursion
  • Sunset boat trip
  • Elaphite islands
  • Mljet national park trip from Dubrovnik
  • Island of Korčula tour
  • Tailor made excursions

All these wonderful places in the close region will leave you breathless. Opt for our trips and tours and find out why Dalmatians are so proud of their history, tradition and natural beauty. Every stone on the islands will tell you a tale about the hard working people, love and wars it has been witnessing for centuries. Traditional food you can try in our destination is a treat for every picky palate. Wine lovers should not miss visiting Pelješac, the most famous vineyard area in Croatia with great quality wines and friendly people.

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Private Boat Trips Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is well known as, by all mean, extraordinary destination offering its visitors the best Dalmatian travel experience – both in the Dubrovnik town and island surrounding this area.

Mljet national park trip from Dubrovnik is one of the best ways to visit and learn about this charming island of extraordinary natural beauty. What do Odyssey, Apostle Paul, Benedictine monks and Mediterranean Seal have in common? Legend and stories related to them are all hidden on this 37-km-long and 3-km-wide island. Although being a small island, it is the place that hosts the 5.375ha of protected land of the National Park ”Mljet”.

Many scientists and nature lovers come to see its two central natural figures: Great Lake and Small Lake. Great Lake has the size of 145ha and 46m depth, while Small Lake has 24ha in size and 29m in depth. It is probably hard for you to imagine that there are monastery and a church in the middle of the lake. But that is exactly what you’ll see on the Great Lake, where the small island of St. Mary lies, proudly holding these two religious symbols since the 12th century. The beauty of the small island is something that stays carved in the memory of its visitors as some of the most amazing site ever seen. By being interconnected, these two, by all aspects different masterpieces, show how regardless of their size, they can exist together for the greater good – the charming beauty of the Mljet National Park.

Coming to this heaven on earth is one of the best boat excursions in your life. You will be able to see closer the beautiful Elaphiti archipelago that you had the chance to see from the Dubrovnik’s shore. While your boat approaches to the coast of Mljet island, you will see and recognize the sceneries form the guide books and review websites, but you will also be fill out with the feeling of happiness for having the chance to actually step on island and national park on your own and immerse into all its glory and beauty.